Driltek Staff


President, Petroleum Engineer





Responsible, hands-on well design and operational/field supervision of rig operations since 1980. Emphasis on cost reduction through a blend of new technology, extensive practical well experience and sound risk management employed daily in project management.





Driltek, Inc.

1989 - Present


Principal - Bakersfield, CA

Founder of Engineering-Consulting Company providing drilling and completion project management to more than one hundred major and independent operators through a combination of professional service, cost effective engineering and conscientious on-site operations management.


Developed and maintains an outstanding working relationship with the regulatory agencies that govern the oil and gas industry of California.


Possesses the seasoned expertise needed to develop the plan and oversee the execution of the discovery and subsequent high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) development wells of East Lost Hills' Temblor formation in access of 20,000'.


Coordinated and managed all aspects of the drilling and killing of one of the deepest blowout well intercepts in North America (16,532').


Drilled the fastest well to 19,000 in the State of California.


Developed a unique turnkey approach in a joint venture with a local drilling contractor and drilling fluids company that has been successfully utilized by both major and independent operators. Most recently (2003), drilled a successful 13,400' Stevens Test for OXY Resources California LLC in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, under turnkey contract.


Selected by a major international operator to plan and execute an urban drilling project in North Africa.


Successfully implemented, a 35°/100' build below 10,000' TVD, multiple horizontal well drilling program in the Stevens.


Arco Oil & Gas Company

1988 - 1989


Senior Drilling Engineer - Bakersfield, CA

Designed and critiqued wells in California, incorporating risk management philosophy into well designs. Implemented improved method for spotting fluid around stuck pipe, dramatically reducing fishing costs.


Tenneco Oil Exploration & Production

1980 - 1988


Senior Drilling Engineer - Bakersfield, CA (1985- 1988)

Planned and supervised a variety of drilling and completion projects throughout California and Oregon ranging in depth from 700' to 18,000'. Initiated the use of polymer mud systems on deep wells in the San Joaquin Valley, realizing a significant reduction in drilling costs at Landslide and Yowlumne Fields.


Drilling Engineer - Bakersfield, CA (1980- 1984)

Co- authored SPE Paper #12790, entitled "PDC Bits Find Application in San Joaquin Valley" after initiating first successful PDC bit runs. Utilized the first permanent packer whipstocks in the San Joaquin Valley for redrilling deep wells at a significant cost savings.





B.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, 1980