Driltek Staff






Thirty five years of providing high-level petroleum engineering services. Assisted with the engineering design, execution and analysis of hydraulic fracture treatments performed in a safe and ecologically-sound manner in diverse oilfield environments around the world. In California, widely recognized for practical expertise and experience in nearly all formations fractured on the West Coast.



Driltek, Inc.

March 2015 - Present

Associate -Bakersfield, CA

Minner Engineering, Inc.


Petroleum Engineer - Bakersfield,CA

  • Petroleum Engineer consultant with a focus on hydraulic fracture engineering design, execution, analysis, and education.
  • Steering Team member for the California Council on Science & Technology technical evaluation of well stimulation activities regulated by the California SB4 legislation.

StrataGen Engineering

2008 - 2015

Principal Consultant - Bakersfield, CA

  • Engineering consultant work on special projects with a mix of California and international clients.
  • Primary focus was on the creation of appropriate fracture half-length and conductivity for the formation of interest.

Pinnacle Technologies

1995 - 2008

California Engineering Manager - Bakersfield, CA

  • Opened the Bakersfield office for Pinnacle in 1995, serving as a consultant for a wide range of major and independent clients, and developing long-term relationships with many.
  • Assisted with fracture treatment design, treatment supervision, on-site fracture pressure analysis, post-frac evaluation and the integration with fracture diagnostic results.
  • On location for thousands of hydraulic fracture treatments, in diverse fracturing environments ranging from:
    • Nearly all California formations that are fractured, including, diatomite, naturally fractured siliceous shale, sandstones with permeability ranging from 100+ mD to <0.1 mD
    • Tight gas intervals <0.1 mD spread around the U.S. and the world
    • Horizontal wells at depths ranging from 1,000 to 14,500 feet, with fracture staging strategy ranging from 16 stages per well across a 2,000-foot lateral, to 1 stage/well into a 3,000-foot lateral
    • Formation depths from 300 ft to 18,500 ft, covering the fracture closure stress range from 150 psi to 19,500 psi, and temperatures from 90° to 350°F

Unocal Production Technology

1984 - 1995

Hydraulic Fracture Advisor - Brea, CA

  • Internal consultant within Unocal responsible for:
    • Implementation of hydraulic fracturing technology and technology transfer
    • Frac design and procedures, onsite execution assistance and post-frac evaluation
    • Laboratory experiments in frac fluid rheology
    • Representation of Unocal in industry meetings and research consortia

Unocal Energy Resources

1983 - 1984

Petroleum Engineer - Ventura, CA and Houma, LA

Two year operations training assignment

Unocal Production Research

1980 - 1983

Research Engineer - Brea, CA

Applied research in well completions and thermal casing design (geothermal and steam)



Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering with Petroleum Option, 1980

University of California, Berkley

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering with Petroleum Option, 1979

University of California, Berkley



  • Registered Professional Engineer in Petroleum Engineering since 1993
  • Member of Society of Petroleum Engineers, starting in 1977
  • Received 2011 SPE Western Region North America Production and Operations Award for contribution to technical progress and interchange
  • Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, starting in 1977