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Diversified drilling and production experience. Background includes drilling exploratory and developmental wells in oil, gas and geothermal areas. Experienced in domestic, international, conventional and non-conventional, onshore and offshore operations. Specializing in working with operators in continuous improvement initiatives. Positions in key supervisory positions as a Rig Manager, Technical Limits Coach, Maxwell Technician, Drilling Consultant, Operations Supervisor, Process Advisor, Drilling Supervisor, Completion Supervisor, Rig Move Optimization Team Project Lead, Drilling Superintendent and Productivity Improvement Superintendent.




Senior Operations Supervisor, RMOT Project Lead, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA, Boerne, TX

2015 - Present

Productivity Improvement Superintendent, BHP Billiton, Eagleford Shale, So Texas

Working as part of a team on a continuous improvement initiative “Productivity Improvement”. The team has been instrumental in helping to reduce days on location, well costs and improve safety.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2013 - 2015

Drilling Superintendent, BHP Billiton, Eagleford Shale,  So Texas

Responsible for the operational, technical, safety, environmental, financial and administrative aspects of drilling operations in multi-rig operation in the Eagleford shale play in South Texas. Manage all operations and personnel to ensure compliance with BHP policies and statutory regulations. Work with contractors to ensure they understand BHPB expectations and provide best service and value for the company.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2011 - 2013

Drilling Superintendent, BHP Billiton, Fayetteville Shale, Arkansas

Responsible for the operational, technical, safety, environmental, financial and administrative aspects of drilling operations in multi-rig operation in the Fayetteville shale play in North Central Arkansas. Manage all operations and personnel to ensure compliance with BHP policies and statutory regulations.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2009 - 2011

Drill Site Manager, Occidental, Elk Hills California

Worked as a Drill Site Manager on “Flex 3 and ADR” automated drilling rigs. Wells included horizontal drilling, deep slim hole drilling and shallow wells at Elk Hills in the San Joaquin Valley.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2006 - 2009

Drilling Consultant/Drilling Supervisor/Completion Supervisor

Worked as a Drilling and Completion Supervisor on various projects horizontal drilling, including directional wells on the Southern California coast and deep slim hole drilling in the San Joaquin Valley. Worked on high pressure wells in the Fortuna area of Northern California. Worked as one of a team of Completion Supervisors and Driltek Engineers on a plug and abandonment project on deep, high pressure, high temperature wells in the Lost Hills area.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2005 - 2006

Drilling Supervisor, ConocoPhillips Australia

Worked as one of a team of Drilling Supervisors on a 5th generation jack-up drilling rig on the Bayu-Undan project in the Timor Sea drilling high pressure condensate/gas developmental wells. Worked as one of a team of Drilling Supervisors on a semi-submersible drilling rig, drilling exploration wells in the Timor Sea.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2002 - 2005

Maxwell Technician, ConocoPhillips Australia

Implementing Maxwell, a drilling performance initiative for ConocoPhillips in the Bayu-Undan offshore field located in the Timor Sea. The objectives of this initiative was to; (a) Maximize the efficiency of drilling and completion activities by minimizing non productive time and removing activities out of the critical path. (b) To introduce and implement systems and process's that ensure that rig site learning is incorporated into office based planning and engineering.

Operations Supervisor, Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2000 - 2002

Technical Limits Coach, Arco/Phillips Alaska

Worked as part of a team to develop and implement Technical Limits Continuous Improvement Process as a department initiative on the North Slope and Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Duties included co-creating and maintenance of the Lessons Learned Database, Plan of the Day and other tools used in the Technical Limits Process. Responsible for coaching field personnel in their duties and providing them the skills necessary to complete their responsibilities in regards to Technical Limits.

Consulting Drilling Supervisor, Enron China

1999 - 2000

Brought in by Operator to specifically work with and advise the Chinese drilling contractor on upgrading their equipment and improving crew efficiency, prior to resumption of drilling program in 1999. Continued project in capacity of rotational Drilling Supervisor and successfully drilled two additional wells in central China in 1999. Responsible for implementing safety and efficiency training with rig crews during the course of drilling operations.

Consulting Process Advisor, Aera Energy LLC

1998 - 1999

Contributed to the development of the “Block Seven Alliance” project. A pilot project involving Aera Energy, third party service companies and associated vendors. Duties included Drilling Supervisor, taking care of four different rigs simultaneously. Developing standard operating procedures, to continually maximize efficiency in the drilling process. Acted as a liaison between Aera Energy and alliance partners, training Rig Supervisors and compiling and charting associated data.

Consulting Drilling Foreman, Aera Energy LLC

1997 - 1998

Supervised drilling operations in both light and heavy oil operations. Experience included horizontal wells, over pressured formations, Bitumen formation and foam drilling. Locations included Midway Sunset, Belridge, Lost Hills and San Ardo. Worked as a team with drilling contractor HSE representatives to develop the JSA program (Job Safety Analysis).

Toolpusher, Cleveland Drilling Company

1993 - 1997

Responsible for daily operations of a 18,000' drilling rig. Experience included all electric, high-angle directional wells on urban drill sites in Los Angeles Basin to deep (+15,000') exploratory and development wells in Ventura Basin and San Joaquin Valley. Installed first portable Top Drive System on a land rig in California. Supervised the construction of 10,000' SCR and 8,000' hydraulic rigs.

Toolpusher, Blue Sky Drilling and H. L. Camp Drilling

1989 - 1993

Supervised day labor and turnkey operations. Experience varied from high pressure Forbes wells in the Sacramento Valley, to high temperature geothermal wells in the Imperial Valley and Nevada. Developed environmental services to process cuttings and excess drilling fluids for “dry” locations.


Jack Owens Service Company

1985 - 1986

H & W Drilling Company

1984 - 1985

Monterey Drilling Company

1981 - 1984


Monterey Drilling Company



  • MMS BOP Certified
  • CPR/First Aid
  • HUET Certified
  • North Slope Training
  • Safety Leadership
  • H2S Safety - SCBA
  • Computer Morning Report Programs (e.g.) DDM, DDB, DFW, EDI, IBS, DIMS, PERC, DOCS, RIMBASE, WELLVIEW, WELLPLAN, OPEN WELLS
  • Safety Awareness - CAPP, ISEA, STOP, NSCT, SOC.



  • Supervisory
  • Communications
  • Rig Equipment Installation & Operation
  • Geothermal
  • Abnormal Pressures
  • Arctic Conditions
  • Offshore
  • Isolated Drill Sites
  • Urban Drill Sites
  • Top Drive Drilling
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Extended Reach Drilling
  • Computer Related - Experienced with EXCEL, Word, Power Point