Driltek Staff


Operations Coordinator




Diversified drilling and production experience. Background includes complex exploration and production wells, while setting records in drilling time reduction, horizontal-reach and cost savings. Experience in various onshore and offshore United States oil/gas basins and remote locations including Syria, Indonesia (Offshore & Jungle) and China.



Driltek, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2010 - Present

Sr. Operations Supervisor

Working as drilling and completions supervisor on various projects in California.

Tri-Valley Oil and Gas, Inc., Bakersfield, CA

2008 - 2010

Drilling Superintendent/Operations Advisor

Team leader for drilling horizontal wells in Oxnard, CA. Worked with consulting engineering team to complete 5 wells for production. Worked with Production Department to develop cyclic steam production.

Great Valley Production Services, Bakersfield, CA

2007 - 2008

General Manager

Responsible for the refurbishing and operation of 5 workover rigs and 1 drilling rig as well as overseeing personnel placement and development. Built and established a workover and drilling program for Tri-Valley Oil and Gas Company. Established Safety Operations and Reporting systems.

Enventure Global Technology, Houston, TX

2005 - 2007

Senior Operations Specialist-Drilling

Worked as part of a team, to plan and lead the execution of drilling and completion of the first successful horizontal mono-diameter wellbore using bottom-up casing expansion technology in Duncan, OK. Assisted in the development and growth of expandable technologies in China and the U.S. Increased casing expansion job count from 1-2 per year to over 100 per year for Oil and Gas Operations in China.

Unocal, Gulf of Mexico

October 2005

Workover Dept.

Updated operations allowing snubbing units to prepare wells for re-drill prior to the arrival of drilling rigs to reduce costs. Responsible for workover department, hydraulic snubbing units and hydraulic workover.

Unocal Indonesia Company (UIC)

1997 - 2005

Sr. Drilling Foreman - Offshore

Supervised operations in East Kalimantan, Indonesia for development and exploration drilling programs on semi-submersible, jack up and barge tender operations. Implemented procedures to reduce total well time from approximately one month to 10-14 days per well. Participated in designing and setting of a new generation, ground breaking Minimal Installation Platforms (STS). Worked as a team member in setting company drilling records in daily footage and total well time. Developed procedures allowing snubbing units to drill and/or prep wells prior to jack up arrival, reducing overall time and cost. Instructor for Well Control snubbing, drilling, offshore (fixed & floater) operations. Worked with the Unocal Well Control Instructors to follow up on location and to further educate.

Union Oil of California (UNOCAL)

1979 - 1997

Land Operations

1996 - 1997

Sr. Drilling Foreman

Drilled 22,000' exploration, hi-pressure, sour gas wells in the Norphlet Trend from the Max Smith Submersible Drilling Unit. Worked various drilling and remedial from 7,000' to 10,000' in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Special Projects, California

1992 - 1995

Drilling Foreman - Operations Support

Responsible for daily operations of an 18,000' rated drilling rig. Experience included all electric, high-angle directional wells on urban drill sites in Los Angeles Basin to deep (+15,000') exploratory and development wells in Ventura Basin and San Joaquin Valley. Installed first portable Top Drive System on a land rig in California. Supervised construction of 10,000' SCR and 8,000' hydraulic drilling rigs.


1990 - 1991

Drilling Foreman

Supervised the drilling of wells using air and foam to depths exceeding 10,000' (lime drilling fluids used to total depth). In charge of building roads, locations and camps for drilling operations. Worked with drilling engineering team to complete the drilling and testing of the play.

California & North Slope, Alaska

1979 - 1992

Drilling Foreman - Onshore & Offshore

Supervised drilling operations under extreme conditions on the North Slope, including the building of ice roads and well locations. Drilling Operations Supervisor in sensitive waters off California coastline near Brown Pelican Reserve. Supervised drilling and workover operations on Platforms Gilda and Iren. Supervision of drilling and workovers in Unocal's populated areas of Los Angeles Oil Fields.

R.B. Montgomery Drilling Co., California

1976 – 1979


Worked as a driller on various rigs; exploration and development wells with depths ranging from 7,500' to 18,500'.

Dresser Magcobar, Texas & New Mexico

1974 - 1976

Drilling Fluids Engineer

Worked wells ranging from 900' uranium bore holes to 16,500' development wells outside of Huntsville, TX.

R.B. Montgomery Drilling Co./Central California Drilling Co.

1972 - 1976

Worked up to derrickman and relief driller; worked the California Coastal region and the San Joaquin Valley; Central California drilling, Santa Maria Cat Canyon area.

Invented and patented two tool designs in the area of Steam-Induced Production (patented under Unocal USA).



  • BOP Certified
  • Well Control and Drilling Technologies for Drillers - University of Oklahoma & University of Texas
  • Drilling Technology - Murchison Drilling School
  • Technical Fluids Systems Engineering and Applications - Dresser Magcobar
  • Fire Protection and Safety - University of Nevada
  • Various other drilling courses, safety courses and first aid courses